Yara El-Sherbini

Pub’s, Rebels & Wastelands

I’m hosting yet another fun filled politically charged Pub Quiz in October, as part of a British Council Peacebuilding Practice Artists’ Assembly, in New York.

The group show Rebels, is at Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France until Jan 2017.

The group show Wastelands, will be touring to Museum San Telmo, in San Sebastián, North Spain, in 2017.

It’s been a hugely busy year, and summer, with my solo show The Current Situation coming down from its third touring venue, Gallery Oldham, in September, and our mini golf (Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf), closing at Quad in September. I’ll be sharing my 2017 plans for The Current Situation and the mini golf soon.

Summer Post:
Guardian’s top summer Art events,  Gallery Oldham and other news

Davina Drummond, and myself (May 2016) undertook our British Council Fellowship, at Portland State University (PSU), exploring sustaining a professional arts practice alongside becoming a mother. We hosted our event with Portland-based cultural practitioners to launch our online group which is open to all social practice (cultural producers, artist, curators, educators) who are mothers : Motherhood: A Social Practice Facebook Group.

We also ran our first Lesson on Motherhood for art students, at PSU. We had a great response; it was enlightening and thought provoking.

We are working on an launching a make shift Artist Parent Union, and will post further details as it develops. It will be made up of artists, for artists, as a way to tackle the issue from within.

The Current Situation opened in Gallery Oldham, its third public art gallery last month, and has it’s launch this Saturday 18th June. Pop in throughout the day for a play on my world map, and a curators tour.

Please credit Paul ShawPhoto Credit : Paul Shaw

Waste Land at Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Arts, Palma de Mallorca is open for one further weekend. 19th May-19th June

The Guardian wrote that our Leisure Land Golf is one of the TOP art attractions this summer! So if you haven’t yet played it, the good news is you have one weekend left to get to the  New Art Exchange. Then it is moving to Quad Gallery in Derby on the 1st July – 4th Sept.  At only £5 FOR A FAMILY TICKET, ITS A FUN FILLED DAY OUT!


You can see a video about the mini golf, made by Golfing World.

Rebels, at Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France continues until Jan 2017

May 2016 SocialPicnic_RGB_72dpi_ForWeb2

British Council LOGO

Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Arts, Palma de Mallorca
19th March – 19th June 2016

I am participating in a group show titled Waste Land, exhibiting The Current Resistance, and a new participatory version of The End of Conflict in the Middle East.


New Art Exchange, Nottingham
1st April
 – 19th June 2016

Putting a Hole in the Wall, originally presented at the 2015 Venice Biennale, is now available to play as part of Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf. The Guardian newspaper recently (my image is the bottom corner, with the turnstile) wrote about it!


The brilliant mini golf course opens is on until the 19th June 2016 at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France
May 16 – Jan 2017
Critical Mass and A Carpet Bomb, past works of mine, will be in a group exhibition titled Rebels.

Gallery Oldham
28 May – 17 September 2016

My solo show, The Current Situation will be touring to its third venue. Alongside the large scale The Current Situation, and the End Of series,   there will be three new new site specific works, Public Address, A Wordsearch, and A Pub Quiz (that old chestnut).

Previously in 2015


The Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, commissioned Border Control, as part of Bloom Projects.It’s a single-player game which invites the audiences to cautiously navigate the charged US-Mexico border.


The 56th Venice Biennale
My mini golf hole ‘Putting A Hole in The Wall’, was available to play at The 56th Venice Biennale this year. This newly commissioned work is part of the EM15 Pavillion as part of Doug Fishbones Leisureland Golf. It’s a really fun and engaging body of work. Over 10,300 people played mini golf and its now touring to the UK in 2016 to the New Art Exchange and Quad Gallery.

Image by Thierry Bal

An action shot….LeisureLandGolf-47

Image by Thierry Bal

Image by Thierry Bal


Read the press release.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

My touring solo exhibition ‘The Current Situation‘  just closed at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which had 5 new works commissioned by the New Art Exchange. It ran from 1st April – 27th June 2015. Here is an interesting write up about the show.


Read press release.

My solo show  ‘Should I be laughing at this?’ at paz Y comedias gallery came down in April 2015. You can see some images of the show here, which has a selection of my work spanning the last 10 years of my practice.


Group exhibition at Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, London
Curated by Aya Haidar
14 October – 22 November 2014

RCD>PLY>RWD>FFWD>STOP>EJ, is a group exhibition of work by Middle Eastern Contemporary artists, which emphasizes recording the present as a reference for the future.


In light of the historical, current, and continuing political situation in the Middle East, where the relationship between the power of the people and the people in power has created a period of radical change, I have created two new works in my Buzz Words series: Current and Resistance.

The words, separated, refer to the nature of the material of the work ( players navigate metal words without forming an electric circuit ) whereby current and resistance are terms used to describe an electric charge. Placed together the works charge each other, becoming a statement about current resistance movements and questioning what the current resistance is against.

The work will be available to play from 14 October – 22 November 2014

Parisians Love to Speak English is a new site specific sound installation for the Diep- Haven cross channel contemporary arts festival. Part of my Public Address series , this series of announcements on the ferry’s tannoy system playfully explores anglo-french perceptions of each other, inviting listeners to consider how we, the public, assume and transfer knowledge of other cultures.




The work was presented on on the 19th August 2014.

My solo show, The Current Situation was on until the 7th September 2014. There are 5 newly commissioned artworks at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham, and ran from  the 10th May – 7th September 2014. It will be touring to Wolverhampton Art Gallery in March 2015.
New Art Exchange
39-41 Gregory Boulevard,
NG7 6BE Nottingham,
United Kingdom

At the heart of the exhibition was my newly commissioned interactive artwork The Current Situation, which is a giant adaptation of a ‘buzz wire’ game subverted into the form of a world map. Visitors to the gallery were invited to navigate around global borders with a hand held device, attempting to avoid activating an electric charge. Some territories are more difficult to navigate than others, examining notions around the establishment of borders, the division of land and expansion of empires. You can read more here.


The Current Situation

The Current Situation

The Pub Quiz on the 20th of May was lots of fun. Thanks to all who turned up.


Current Exhibitions

A solo show ‘Steps leading to The Current Situation’ was at La Caja Blanca gallery, Spain.

1st April – July 2014
La Caja Blanca
Palma, Mallorca, Spain


‘A Weather House for the Current Climate’ is being exhibited at the LWL-Industrial museum in Germany as part of Rain, Snow & Hail. From Weather Report to Climate Change.

May 2013 – June 2014
Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Industriekultur
Schiffshebewerk Henrichenburg
Am Hebewerk 2


Upcoming exhibitions:

Dieppe Festival, July- August 2014

The Current Situation exhibition will be shown at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery in Spring 2015



Leave to Remain, La Caja Blanca, Spain, March – May 2013
Yara El-Sherbini and Murad Khan Mumtaz. 

A collection of site-specific works developed in the context of artist residency programmes in Europe throughout 2012 at The Hayward Gallery and Victoria & Albert Museum in the UK, ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Germany, and La Caja Blanca gallery in Spain. Special thanks to Tracy Williams gallery (New York, US), ZKM Center for Art and Media (Germany), Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK), Hayward Gallery (London, UK). The exhibition was organised in collaboration with Art Palma Contemporani.

“How To…”  commissioned by the South London Gallery, January – March 2013

A project with Davina Drummond the South London Gallery, for Open Minds: a 10 week programme of playful mini projects that focus on exploring coping strategies and self appreciation through ‘making’. Mini projects include Resolution Calendars, Personal Commemorative Plates, celebrating a special moment in their individual lives and Making Mantras, where participants designed their own personalised rubber stamps with self authored mantras that are capable of self transformation.

Pen II Paper, ATHR Gallery, Saudi Arabia. February – March 2013

A group show and auction, curated by Al Madad Foundation




The End of Conflict in the Middle East as part of Record, Reframe, Resist
November 2012

JustMad Mia Art Fair, Miami
Public Address as part of NAKED
December 2012

University of the Arts London
A Pub Quiz
November 2012

Hayward Gallery
How To Stop Being Friends With Someone You No Longer have Anything In Common With.
Artist in Residence, Wide Open School
May – July 2012

Sultan Gallery, Kuwait
Tipping Point as part of the group show The Bravery of Being Out of Range II
February 2012

Mostyn Gallery, Wales
Jokes from the Dark Side as part of Ha Ha Road Exhibition
Dec-February 2012

ZKM museum of contemporary art, Germany
The Global Contemporary, Art Worlds after 1989.
Artist in Residence.
September 2011- February 2012