Please credit Paul ShawThe Current Situation        Photo Credit : Paul Shaw
7800mm x 3550mm, participatory installation
Commissioned by the New Art Exchange. (2014)

The Current Situation re-appropriates the game “buzz wire”, in the form of a world map where up to 8 players can navigating the world, complete with internal borders ( contested and established)  with a handheld wand. Its hugely fun and engaging, as when you mistakenly make contact with a border, you trigger a red warning light and alarm, and feel a buzz.

yara-aya-doc-3The politically charged nature of global boarders and the power they hold in terms of shaping geographies and identities, and the impact that is felt when national boarders are challenged and when they shift, is literally played out.

You can read a lovely blog post about the work here, written by Ben Harris.

The Current Situation

The work was commissioned by the New Art Exchange in 2014, and was the main work in my solo show of the same name, which toured to Wolverhampton Art Gallery, and Gallery Oldham.

Yara2TCS5Here is my funtastic exhibition poster !