The Current Resistance is part of a series of participatory sculptural artworks which subvert the game ‘Buzz Wire’: players navigate metal words without forming an electric circuit, as when metal to metal touches it creates an electric charge – which triggers a warning buzz sound and light.

The words, separated, refer to the nature of the material of the work whereby current and resistance are terms used to describe an electric charge. In the context of a group show on the Middle East, it touches on the historical, current, and continuing political situation in the Middle East, where the relationship between the power of the people and the people in power has created a period of radical change.

Placed and played together the works charge each other, becoming a statement about current resistance movements and questioning what the current resistance is against. 

Created for the group show
RCD>PLY>RWD>FFWD>STOP>EJ, Kashya Hilderbrand Gallery, London