What did a representative from the the British think tank, The Institute of Ideas suggest was the reason that Black people don’t go to galleries and museums…was it because they are:
a) Lazy
b) Shy
c) Too busy playing sports

Image by Hugo Glendinning, for Artsadmin 30yrs Publication.

The answer is below…I’ve been hosting my pub quizzes for 15 years. A Pub Quiz is an inherently live and participatory artwork; a quiz isn’t a quiz if people don’t take part…my playful, often provocative, always fun, constantly updated set of 36 questions explore knowledge production (how we know what we know). The questions are ever evolving in relation to current contexts, and are often commissioned to be site specific and context responsive.
My last pub quiz was commissioned by the British Council, for an artist assembly in New York, in Oct 2016. I asked the last question below for that oh so fun quiz….

Example questions:
2. How many squirrels has Iran arrested on suspicion of Spying?

3.Recently an 11th playing token was added to the well-loved capitalist bored game of monopoly, which reflects current trends. Was it a sack of money, a mobile phone, a gun, or a small homeless person who lost his house in the current financial downturn and spiralling national debt?

4.The Keffieh; the Palestinian headscarf, is available to buy in Topshop branches throughout the UK. Is this because
a) Resistance is the new black.
b) Debord’s notion of Recuperation, in which radical ideas and images become safe and commodified.
c) Vogue magazine voted it as a must have black and white classic.

5. What did the former U.S. Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett, say what would reduce crime rates in the US?
Increased access to Education
Decreased access to Video games
Tighter gun control
Aborting black babies

Answers: 1. B
2. 14
3. A sack of money
5. Aborting black babies

* A Pub Quiz was originally supported by the Arnolfini, over one year, as part of ‘Breathing Space’ in 2006.