Over the last nine years, I’ve been collaborating with artist Davina Drummond. We began collaborating when we both became mothers, as a means to explore the impact of motherhood on our art practices. In 2016 we became British Council Fellows, undertaking a fellowship at Portland State University on the Social Practice MFA on the subject of Motherhood: A Social Practice. The project consists of three strands; social, educational and activist. The social strand takes the platform of a Facebook group as a tool to connect cross-continental mother social practice artists and art producers. The educational strand takes the form of lessons on the impact of motherhood on ones practice, both positive and challenging, for art students, as a subtle intervention into mainstream art pedagogy. And finally the activist strand takes the form of a makeshift Parent Artist Union, made up of artists, for artists, as a way to tackle the issue from within. The Union is working on devise a list of how institutions can better support parent artists, and provide training and assessments for institutions to see how artist-parent friendly they are.

Our collaborative work is part of the article written by Natalie Loveless in Contemporary Mamactivist Artists: A Forum on Maternal Activist Art for the Studies in the Maternal Special Issue on The Everyday Maternal Practice: Activist Structures in Creative Work, Summer 2016. 

In 2016 we were also commissioned to create Quiz: Which Vacuum Cleaner suits your personality type? for Idle Women, as part of “The Grand Domestic Revolution” publication.