Critical Mass
Plastic, Fabric

Critical Mass is part of a body of work using skittles; which includes,  Tipping Point (image below) and Skit (a large scale photographic print) You can read an article in French here about the series, which was part of the exhibition Rebels, recently in Mexico City as part of the festival of textiles, at gallery Casa De Francia, at the French institute of Latin America, which travelled from Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Skit is a series of single Skittles, with different headscarves, which are large life size photographic prints. One is in the group show Speech Acts is still at Manchester Art Gallery, until April 2019. Here is a video of artist Naeem Mohaiemen talking about my work on the show.

Tipping Point, 2007

Skit, 2018