A Rather Trivial Pursuit                Image courtesy of La Caja Blanca 
27.3 x 27.3 x 9 cm

A Rather Trivial Pursuit draws on how Trivial Pursuit is the archetypal board game, where we unknowingly consume a specific world view; how we assume and transfer knowledge whilst we engage in what appears to be an ordinary, inconsequential pastime. I wrote a series of playful self authored trivia questions, humorous, political, subjective, opening the debate over commonly-held certainties.

“Arguably, general knowledge is a set of uncontested givens which appear apolitical and a-historical at first glance, but which actually frame the way we interact with the world”

The original pilot version of this piece was commissioned by Delfina Foundation, London. It has since been exhibited around the world, including Lombard-Freid (New York) where I was commissioned to make a US edition, the live art festival ‘Tasty’ (London), Artsadmin (London), Athr Gallery (Saudi Arabia) and La Caja Blanca Project Room (Madrid). Each box contains all the elements necessary for a game, including question cards, board instruction manuals and dice.