A Carpet Bomb
C-print mounted on aluminium (Still from the video piece A Demonstration)

A Carpet Bomb playfully investigates the use of euphemistic language used to address the tactics employed by western forces in the Middle East. This photograph is the portrait of one of the carpet bombs I produced during the filmed performance piece ‘A Demonstration’ where I taught the audience how to make a carpet bomb using household items, parodying the format of the popular TV show Blue Peter. You can see a video of some of my work and read an article in French here about my Critical Mass and A Carpet Bomb, which is part of the exhibition Rebels.  It is moving to Mexico City on December 7th 2017- March 31st 2018, part of the festival of textiles, and will be at gallery Casa De Francia, at the French institute of Latin America. It’s travelling from Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France.