In 2021, Davina and I are touring Arrivals + Departures across the UK, and internationally. More information to follow soon.

Forms of Regulation and Control, was my first US solo show, at CUE art foundation, NY, curated by Naeem Mohaiemen ( 7th Nov – 15th Dec 2020). The newly commissioned work responded to our current political times.

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Here is a link to my catalogue.
Dina Ramadan wrote this wonderful review of my exhibition, on Art Agendas.
I developed the main body of work, Other forms of Regulation and Control  in response to 2020 specifically, and spoke with 3 art conservators, Sharra Grow, Jakki Godfrey and Kate Wight Tyler. You can read about more about these discussions in Oct/Nov 2020 edition of News In Conservation pg 30-35 here. 


October 2020
Arrivals + Departures opened at Somerset House on the 10th September and runs until the 5th November. In the first 3 weeks we have had over 1250 people share names on the board, and have had an incredible public programme of accompanying events.

Previous Posts
Summer 2020
While Covid-19 has delayed both my solo and duo practice, I am still busying working on upcoming projects. My solo show at the Cue Art Foundation in New York planned for September 2020, curated by Naeem Mohaiemen, has been delayed until Nov 2020.

As half of YARA + DAVINA  our Arrivals + Departures work was set to open at Somerset House on 2nd April 2020, and tour the UK. This work has been delayed. Updates soon.

Kick Off, with the National Trust has been delayed until early 2021, culminating in 2 live football matches that summer.

We are still busy, working on a project for Bloomsbury Festival in 2020, and other new commissions.

August 2019
I will have a solo show at the Cue Art Foundation in New York in September 2020, curated by Naeem Mohaiemen.

I am also currently working on a number of exciting projects with Davina Drummond.

Not for me, Not for you, but for US, our permanent artwork Battersea Arts Center, London, is now installed.

We are currently working with Heart Of Glass, St Helens, on a project on Tea.

Artsadmin are still supporting the development of Arrivals + Departures.

We are working with the National Trust to develop a cross site project with football, craft and collectivism at its core. More to follow soon.

In September 2019 our new audio work, The Last Arrangement , will be part of Radio Local, in Manchester as part of the Sick Festival.

January 2019
Davina and I are currently working on a permanent artwork for Battersea Arts Center, London. We are also working on the next stages of Arrivals + Departures, which will premier at Somerset House, London in 2020. We are in the early development stages of a large scale project with the National Trust. More info to follow shortly.

The group show Speech Acts is still at Manchester Art Gallery, until April 2019. Here is a video of artist Naeem Mohaiemen talking about my work on the show.

And the group show Wastelands, just opened in Casa Arabe, Cordoba in October – December 2018.

September 2018
I just finished my artist residency at SeedBed 101 creation space in Newbury, UK as part of our researched and development for Arrivals + Departures, a new public artwork I’m collaborating on with Davina Drummond. We will also be doing an artist residency at In Situ/Hot House in the Netherlands in November 2018.

April 2018
Roadmap For Peace just opened at Somerset House, London, on the 7th April, as part of Now Play This.  CoolHunting‘s blog post mentions my work.

Without Walls finally announced our R&D grant to develop Arrivals + Departures, a new public artwork with Davina Drummond.

In May the group show Speech Acts will be opening at Manchester Art Gallery, from May 2018 – April 2019.

The group show Wastelands, just opened in Casa Arabe, Madrid  on the 7th of March – 20th May, and then tours to Casa Arabe, Cordoba in October 2018.

The group exhibition Rebels opened at the French Institute of Latin America in Mexico City in December 2017 and runs until March 2018.

Davina Drummond and I just received R&D funding for an exciting Public Art project we are working on with Artsadmin. More to follow soon, when the grant is announced. And I’m busy developing some projects elsewhere…updates soon.

The group exhibition Rebels, is moving to Mexico City on December 7th 2017- March 31st 2018. The show, part of the festival of textiles, will be at gallery Casa De Francia, of the French institute of Latin America, where I’ll be showing I’ll be showing Critical Mass and A Carpet Bomb. You can read an article and watch a video in French here. It’s travelling from Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

On the 23rd September, I presented new work in progress at La Caja Blanca, Spain for the Nit De L’Art 2017, as part of their Guest Artist Programme. It’s an installation which references history, architecture and cultural fault lines. This project prototype, which will be shown to audiences for the first time at the gallery, explores the subversive power of language through word play, and the hackable nature of meaning through the super-imposition of anachronistic belief systems.

I also presented Dear Deidre, my advice column on the subject of the social contract. After the successful launch of the Venice Agendas newspaper at the Venice Biennale in May, the paper traveled to Turner Contemporary in Margate in June. The physical copy of the newspaper was also in Folkstone, England on the 23rd September, as part of an interesting and dynamic day of events and performances.

I’ve also attached a PDF on my portfolio page, where you can see some brilliant contributions. I particularly like Tony Heaton’s, Hayley Newman’s piece and Jimmie Durhams.

Operation Brexit
 at Somerset House for Now Play This, was so well received in April, that according to the London Games Festival (the overarching ten-day festival that Now Play This was part of), a photo taken of my game was the most popular thing relating to the whole festival on social media! It’s lead me to develop a new super exciting idea on the subject of cities and movement, titled Road Map to Peace. 
I’m collaborating with Davina Drummond on getting our most exciting and ambitious public art project to date off the ground, with the support of Artsadmin. It’s called Arrivals and Departures, so wish us luck and watch this space! 

April 2017
Operation Brexit 
is a re-imagined Operation game, that is somewhat more relevant! It was commissioned for Now Play This, at Somerset House in London.

The group show Waste Land is at Museum San Telmo, in San Sebastián, North Spain, from March- May, and will include my large scale world map, The Current Situation, and The End Of Conflict in the Middle East.

The group exhibition Rebels, is at Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France will be coming down in January 2017 after 9 months on show.

2016 a year of Pub’s, Rebels & Wastelands
I’m hosting yet another fun filled politically charged Pub Quiz in October, as part of a British Council Peacebuilding Practice Artists’ Assembly, in New York.

It’s been a hugely busy year, and summer, with my solo show The Current Situation coming down from its third touring venue, Gallery Oldham, in September, and our mini golf (Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf), closing at Quad in September. I’ll be sharing my 2017 plans for The Current Situation and the mini golf soon.

Summer 2016 Post:
Guardian’s top summer Art events,  Gallery Oldham and other news

Davina Drummond, and myself (May 2016) undertook our British Council Fellowship, at Portland State University (PSU), exploring sustaining a professional arts practice alongside becoming a mother. We hosted our event with Portland-based cultural practitioners to launch our online group which is open to all social practice (cultural producers, artist, curators, educators) who are mothers : Motherhood: A Social Practice Facebook Group.

We also ran our first Lesson on Motherhood for art students, at PSU. We had a great response; it was enlightening and thought provoking.

We are working on an launching a make shift Artist Parent Union, and will post further details as it develops. It will be made up of artists, for artists, as a way to tackle the issue from within.

The Current Situation opened in Gallery Oldham, its third public art gallery last month, and has it’s launch this Saturday 18th June. Pop in throughout the day for a play on my world map, and a curators tour.

Please credit Paul ShawPhoto Credit : Paul Shaw

Waste Land at Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Arts, Palma de Mallorca is open for one further weekend. 19th May-19th June

The Guardian wrote that our Leisure Land Golf is one of the TOP art attractions this summer! So if you haven’t yet played it, the good news is you have one weekend left to get to the  New Art Exchange. Then it is moving to Quad Gallery in Derby on the 1st July – 4th Sept.  At only £5 FOR A FAMILY TICKET, ITS A FUN FILLED DAY OUT!


You can see a video about the mini golf, made by Golfing World.

Rebels, at Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France continues until Jan 2017

May 2016 SocialPicnic_RGB_72dpi_ForWeb2

British Council LOGO

Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Arts, Palma de Mallorca
19th March – 19th June 2016

I am participating in a group show titled Waste Land, exhibiting The Current Resistance, and a new participatory version of The End of Conflict in the Middle East.


New Art Exchange, Nottingham
1st April
 – 19th June 2016

Putting a Hole in the Wall, originally presented at the 2015 Venice Biennale, is now available to play as part of Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf. The Guardian newspaper recently (my image is the bottom corner, with the turnstile) wrote about it!


The brilliant mini golf course opens is on until the 19th June 2016 at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, France
May 16 – Jan 2017
Critical Mass and A Carpet Bomb, past works of mine, will be in a group exhibition titled Rebels.

Gallery Oldham
28 May – 17 September 2016

My solo show, The Current Situation will be touring to its third venue. Alongside the large scale The Current Situation, and the End Of series,   there will be three new new site specific works, Public Address, A Wordsearch, and A Pub Quiz (that old chestnut).

Previously in 2015


The Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, commissioned Border Control, as part of Bloom Projects.It’s a single-player game which invites the audiences to cautiously navigate the charged US-Mexico border.


The 56th Venice Biennale
My mini golf hole ‘Putting A Hole in The Wall’, was available to play at The 56th Venice Biennale this year. This newly commissioned work is part of the EM15 Pavillion as part of Doug Fishbones Leisureland Golf. It’s a really fun and engaging body of work. Over 10,300 people played mini golf and its now touring to the UK in 2016 to the New Art Exchange and Quad Gallery.

Image by Thierry Bal

An action shot….LeisureLandGolf-47

Image by Thierry Bal

Image by Thierry Bal


Read the press release.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

My touring solo exhibition ‘The Current Situation‘  just closed at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which had 5 new works commissioned by the New Art Exchange. It ran from 1st April – 27th June 2015. Here is an interesting write up about the show.


Read press release.

My solo show  ‘Should I be laughing at this?’ at paz Y comedias gallery came down in April 2015. You can see some images of the show here, which has a selection of my work spanning the last 10 years of my practice.